Social network

PHONICODE, your residence social network !

PHONICODE will soon offer advanced features to encourage communication between the inhabitants of the same building. Indeed, the resident will be able to receive messages or alerts from his neighbours or the management agent on his phone.

For example :

  • Service information
  • Service research ( baby sitting, plant watering, etc)
  • Messages to inform about an event (a party, maintenance work….)
  • Connecting people
  • And so on …
Remplacer le tableau d'affichage d'un immeuble par une l'application phonicode

Replace a building notice board by the PHONICODE application

Phonicode une appli réseau social

Use PHONICODE to contact the other residents of the building. Sending a message to all the residents : « Hello, my son will have a party Saturday night to celebrate his degree, we apologise for the inconvenience »