PHONICODE, open your door from wherever you are !

With PHONICODE and a network connection, the resident can recieve the call and open the door from where he is :

  • A distant place, at work, on holiday, in front of the door
  • Comfortably seated in his armchair

PHONICODE works anonymously, the visitor not knowing the resident’s phone number.
The video feature of the smartphone can be activated, which allows to clearly identify the visitors. A guarantee of security !

PHONICODE allows complete hands-on monitoring and access control, for more safety!

Phonicode offers :

  • The screening of unwelcome visitors (who do not disclose their identity)
  • The possibility to allow in the people you trust, like a doctor, a nurse or a plumber …
  • Badge replacement with the smartphone
  • Scheduling of the calling times
  • Access to the visitors’ phone numbers and its archiving
  • Entries traceability with logging and time stamping of the data

With  PHONICODE, it is who you want, when you want …

PHONICODE provides numerous functions and information which allow easy handling in real time for each residence :

  • The names of the family residents,
  • The phone number(s) to call (home phone or mobile phone).

There can be several contacts for the same home (children, grand parents …)

You can log in several numbers for each home. These numbers are allocated to the residents of the same home.

In that case, if the resident does not answer the first number, you can choose another person’s number in a drop-down list (the choice is up to you)

If the call reaches an answering machine, the visitor can leave a message.

An optional function also allows you to contact the resident by sending text messages.